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Calculate the storage capacity in Bytes and Access time for the disk – IGNOU MCA Assignment 2015 – 16

BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Course Code : BCS-011 Course Title : Computer Basics and PC Software Assignment Number : BCA(I)/011/Assignment/ 2015 Maximum Marks : 100 Weightage : 25% A 2.5 inch diameter disk has 8 platters with each platter having two data recording surfaces, each platter on disk has 4084 tracks, each track has 400… Read More »

Find the average access time for the disk. 4m Dec2007

Seek time on a hard disk is 50 ms. it rotates at a speed of 3000 rotations/sec. Each track on the disk has 100 sectors. Find the average access time for the disk. 4m Dec2007 Disk Rotation Speed = 3000 rps.  (i.e. 180000 rpm) Sectors per Track = 100 sectors Seek time = 50 millisecond  … Read More »