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An Assembly Language program to reverse a string in memory and displayed – IGNOU MCA Assignment 2013

BACHELOR  OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Course Code : BCSL-022 Course Title : Assembly Language Programming Lab Assignment Number : BCA(II)/BCSL022/Assign/13   Write and run an Assembly language program that reverses a string. You may assume that the string is available in the memory and is 6 byte long. The reversed string should be stored in separate memory… Read More »

An Assembly program to check if two strings are reverse of each other – IGNOU MCA Assignment 2013

MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Course Code : MCSL-012 Course Title : Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming Assignment Number : MCA(1)/012/Assign/2013 and BCA(II)/012/Assign/2013   Write a program in 8086 assembly Language (with proper comments) to find if the two given strings of length 5 are reverse of each other. You may assume that both the strings are… Read More »