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Explain use of comma operator and What is the difference between & and && in C. 10m Jun2007

Explain use of comma operator in C with the help of an example. 5m Jun2007  Comma Operator in C A comma operator is used to separate a pair of expressions. A pair of expressions separated by a comma is evaluated left to right, and the type and value of the result are the value of… Read More »

A C program to generate Salary Pay Slip for Staff – IGNOU MCA Assignment 2013

MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Course Code : MCS-011 Course Title : Problem Solving and Programming Assignment Number : MCA(1)/011/Assign/13 Assignment 2013    An interactive C program to generate pay slips for the staff of size 12 employees (2 members are clerks, one computer operator, 6 salesmen, 3 helpers) , working in a small chemist retail… Read More »